We Are Efdeay

Constantly searching for fun within Art & Design, efdeay started as collaborative exploration into tactile events, a few years on and the group has gone from living room to studio. All five friends have strong visual interests that reflect within their style and idea’s.

The studio pulls these strengths together and presents them to the public. Working with many disciplines of the creative industries inviting a new generation to play with work.

Less do it yourself, more do it with others. D.I.W.O

Collaborating together or available singly we are Open for Business. : )


The efdeay is…

Andy Ainger: Long hair, big issue beard, doodler and designer. Active on two wheels and two feet.

Joe Baglow:  Drawing, designing and directing whatever he can get his greasy little hands on.

Ross Bennett: Typography instructor, language butcher, pencil dueler, word herder.

Sean Fitzpatrick: Likes getting his hands dirty and then cleaning them, maverick, can do 32 press ups in one go.

Andrew Thorpe: Colour combinator, Pen pusher, Shadow Swinger, table dancer.

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