We always consider few things as best, only when it comes on par with our imaginations.


Common Illogical Myth about logos

We have a lot of interpretations and conceptions about Logos. It’s human tendency to extend a little understanding with little logical and illogical ways in which a piece of information perceived.

But, the image that we believe doesn’t always need to be true. Sometimes they aren’t logical too! Those are the myths that we stick on to; sometimes they need to be broken to understand a concept. Logos are one such highly spoken topic, which also has a lot of room for myths, which have no logic in them. Read on to know what they are!

A logo ‘must’ have a symbol to be considered best!

This is the first myth that many of us have. We always consider few things as best, only when it comes on par with our imaginations. But, logos needn’t be the same. It’s said that the logo would be better with symbols, and ‘not’ only with symbols.

Many top companies have textual logos which are powerful enough to stand apart from the crowd. So, make use of the symbol only if you really feel that you need to add, to enhance the company’s importance, otherwise a well-designed textual logo too will do the work.

Once the logo is established, it’s okay only to portray them during promotions:

We see many ads, which may not bear the company name, using only the logo. Are we really interested in such an ad? The fact is that, though the company is great, without the name being added to the promotion, it becomes difficult to gain the prominence in the industry. If you don’t get recognition, then the money invested is a waste, and to repeat them unconditionally you need a flexible budget plan, which is now a distant talk.

A logo must reflect the company work

A logo must be appealing and pleasing to all!

We hope you never follow these myths